Today’s idea — tomorrow’s orders

Gomel Technological Park making building materials and solid fuel from chemical industry waste
By Andrey Sergeev

Gomel Technological Park aims to help enterprises implement innovative ideas. One of the youngest such parks in the country, having been created just 18 months ago, it is already seeing results. Of course, this is great news for the region, creating prospects for the future.

One of the Park’s projects is connected with processing phosphogypsum waste from Gomel Chemical Plant, transforming potentially toxic mountains into profit. A solution to the problem was long sought and has now found form, thanks to Bakur-Group, which is producing building materials from the waste. This year, Gomel Regional Executive Committee provided support through the state innovative fund for the eco-venture.

Dmitry Morozov, the Director of Gomel Technological Park, tells us, “We’re now developing technical processes and deciding on organisational issues regarding manufacture and sale; we may be able to produce 3,600 tonnes of building materials annually.”

Of course, the materials must be competitive in terms of quality and price, through the use of modern equipment and technologies. There’s no question regarding the safety of the building materials, since all harmful substances are neutralised during processing.

Another eco-project being implemented in the Rechitsa District is connected with lignin waste from the local hydrolytic plant. It’s not easy or efficient to burn in its raw form but makes good briquettes — convenient to transport and use. The Technological Park’s Neftespetsservis company is working with Rechitsa (a housing and communal enterprise) to produce the fuel briquettes, with apparently good prospects for export potential.

Another resident of Gomel Technological Park — Promavtomatika — is engaged in automating technical processes. Over the past 18 months, it has increased its salaries by more than five-fold, while paying about Br850 million into the budget. Such figures speak for themselves.

Mr. Morozov emphasises, “It’s important to note that Promavtomatika is in partnership with some major enterprises within the domestic industry: Belorusneft, the Belarusian Steel Works and Belshina. Gaining such orders is no mean feat, as they have incredibly high standards. If the company manages to keep such contracts, it will demonstrate the quality of its work.”
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