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Belovezhskaya Pushcha restores homestead of its mid-19th century resident

Time travel for experts and tourists

By Vadim Molotov

Belovezhskaya Pushcha restores homestead of its mid-19th century resident

travel.pngA new tourist site is to open at the former Pererov farmstead, not far from the checkpoint (of the same name) in the hornbeam-oak forest. On the Day of Forest Workers, the Museum of Folk Life and Ancient Technologies opened its doors to visitors, allowing them to learn about everyday life in a rural home, including the display of household articles typical for a Belovezhskaya Pushcha villager.

Male and female crafts are widely presented from two centuries ago, and guests can try their own hand at loom and willow weaving, as well as barrel and candle making. Belovezhskaya Pushcha village ladies will be teaching two-stem rootstock weaving while men can learn the art of beer brewing — and sup a sample! An authentic village yard, with livestock and a vegetable garden, is soon to open, and craftsmen will be allowed to sell their goods as souvenirs. A special bus route is being launched to bring tourists to the site (as already runs for the Father Frost Residence).

The Head of the National Park’s Tourist Department, Oksana Bogaleisha, admits that they are keen to encourage more visitors, and are planning various ecological tours and excursions through the forest. Pushcha guests can already enjoy a photo-safari (within the Pashukovsky enclosure) while the Svislochsky forestry offers a cycling and pedestrian route and the ‘Pagan Oak Forest’ pedestrian route crosses through the Yazvensky forestry.

Since early 2014, over 200,000 people have visited the National Park.
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