The one who makes concessions, wins

Experts advise representatives of Internet trading to reorganise the work with customers
According to statistics, one Internet shop is registered in the country every 45 minutes during the working hours. As of today, almost 6.5 thousand of them are fixed in the Commercial Register. A number of them gradually expand their influence on the periphery where, at the same time, regional virtual competitors appear. According to experts, it means that it is the time to fight for clients. After all, companies have to compete, not only with compatriots, but also with foreign competitors. Many methods and instruments have been known for a long time. However there are problems with their application.

Stress has big eyes
According to the Commercial Register, without getting up from your seat it is possible to buy electrical and TV/radio goods, auto parts and accessories for vehicles, furniture, clothes, and a lot of foodstuffs. As a rule, the presented assortment is so huge that one doesn’t know what to look for at first, and studying the description and choice of every model is stressful. At times it seems that it is better to go to the shop, where there are fewer options, although they are more expensive.

“It is necessary to facilitate the choice for customers, to understandably explain what distinguishes one article from another. After all, the list of properties and characteristics does not play such a crucial role as it once did,” says the Director of Studio Borovogo, Vitaly Denisenkov. According to him, the modern customer does not look so much at combinations of numbers and letters, which are clear, in most cases, only to advanced users. The important thing is the appearance. How much is a product similar to a desired one. Is the object the same, but with florets, or only available in red. Therefore, the winners are those retailers who post big pictures of gadgets and appliances and where things are shown from different angles. The additional bonus is when the picture has also a short video review, in which a nice expert explains, in simple language, about the advantages of the item.

All-knowing eye
Experts note that the majority of Internet shops live according to their own rules and principles, in isolation, and not wishing to adapt to a client. The head of the trading platform, Yevgeny Chernyavsky notes, “About 2.5 million users in Belarus search and look through goods, read comments about them using their mobile devices.” At the same time, online traders do not hasten to adapt their sites to such gadgets, or create for them separate applications. The one, who makes such concessions to its customers, wins! The latter is satisfied, and the shop is the focus of guaranteed attention. But there are few such understanding owners of virtual shop-windows. Few of them invite you to come to the office in order to hold the desired item in your hands, see it with your own eyes and to compare it with other items. Moreover, the opportunity to save $20-30, using this self-service attracts many consumers.
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