The military sort out priorities

Defense ministers of Belarus, Ukraine signed cooperation strategy for 2006
The ministers agreed to develop cooperation in 10 sectors, including interaction between military engineers, training of missilemen and artillerists, and sharing of Ukraine’s experience in international peacemaking operations.

“Ukraine invites our servicemen to take part in maneuvers held on the Yavorovsky ground in the vicinity of Lvov. We agreed that Belarusians would partake not only in international maneuvers held in Ukraine, but also in Ukraine-only maneuvers, and not as mere observers,” Leonid Maltsev said.
In turn, Ukraine’s defense minister said he was certain Ukrainian military would be taking part in maneuvers taking place in Belarus.

The upgrade of military technologies is one of the key priorities for the two countries, Gritsenko added. “Belarus can share its troop command experience, while Ukraine, too, has something to offer,” the Ukrainian defense minister said.
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