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The distorted world of modern fashion

Irina Khanunik-Rombalskaya presents provoking dolls at Minsk’s University of Culture Art Gallery: MONEYkenshchitsy-Iznanka
Fourteen eccentric dolls are on display, provocative in their hypertrophied proportions and grotesque beauty. Rather than walking dogs, they boast ironic decorations and accessories, made from vintage fabrics and lace, silver, fur and beads. There’s even a camera from 1935.

“They provoke extreme reactions — both positive and negative. Each captures a sense of loneliness and pain at being judged only by their attractiveness. The idea behind the dolls is complex and emotional,” notes Natalia Barsukova, the Director of the University of Culture Gallery.

Irina notes that the exhibition comes close to her birthday and that it’s a real novelty to have so many people attend her ‘celebrations’. The dolls are accompanied by photos of famous beauties: Miss Belarus-2008 Olga Khizhinkova; Miss World Photo Model-2011 and the First Vice Miss of Seven Continents in 2011, Inessa Kuntsevich; as well as top Belarusian model Kristina Kuchinskaya. There is even a photo of Irina.

Honourable guests at the exhibition included Italian footwear designer Maurizio Iacopini, who is popular with US First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Jessica Alba. He’ll soon be presenting his collection in the capital. He tells us, “This is my first visit to Minsk. I’ve heard much about Belarusian people and am delighted by your culture and desire to progress forward.”
The exhibition runs from February 6th-13th.
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