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System to be balanced

Labour and Social Protection Minister Marianna Shchetkina delivers report to President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, focusing on ways to improve pension benefits and social security
The Head of State asked in detail about all matters relating to pension benefits. In particular, he was interested in how pensions may be raised in value, what proposals are being offered to raise them, and the size of the Social Protection Fund.

Pension provision requires attention

Several aspects of employment were discussed, such as the unemployment rate, the number of available jobs, and workforce retraining schemes. Mr. Lukashenko and Ms. Shchetkina also discussed whether salaries are paid on time at troubled enterprises and the President noted his concern that all salaries, pensions, and welfare benefits are paid promptly. The operation of enterprises accountable to the Belarusian Society of People with Disabilities was also discussed, as were recreation options available to elderly Belarusians and the disabled.

The demographic situation was mentioned, with the President being informed on child-birth benefits. In H1 2016, the number of newborn babies exceeded the number registered in H1 2015, by 1,718. According to the Labour and Social Protection Minister, all benefits have been paid on time and in full.

The Head of State notes that he would like to see a careful and balanced approach to exceptional preferences for individual categories of citizens. “You know my requirements. We need a careful approach to all monetary issues, particularly exceptions, incentives, and preferences,” noted Mr. Lukashenko. “Spending extra money is not the issue, but I don’t want to unbalance the system again by giving support to some and not to others.”

Several aspects of calculating the length of service of civil servants were also discussed. The President backed a proposal in favour of delegating calculation of civil service length from the Finance Ministry to the Labour and Social Protection Ministry, in order to avoid parallel functions of the two government agencies.

By Vladimir Khromov
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