Synthesis of art and high fashion showcased to public

Larissa Noury Shakinko’s two new paintings on show in Paris

By Oksana Atroshchenko

Light Symphony and Galactic Clouds, by Ms. Noury Shakinko, are on show alongside a unique painted silk evening dress — designed by French couturier Jean Marie Pujol. The game of colours brings a new dynamism to the classical form of this elegant and exclusive gown. Certainly, the synthesis of art and high fashion has caught the public’s eye and that of the French media. Interestingly, Ms. Noury Shakinko modelled for the dress herself.

In fact, Ms. Noury Shakinko has long been liaising with the French designer, painting his silk dresses. Sometimes, he is inspired to create a design after seeing her fabric paintings (which, in turn, draw inspiration from her pictures) while, at other times, the silhouette of the garment comes first. Silk painting is enjoying a popular trend at present.

The Paris exhibition marked the 60th anniversary of the French Trade Union of Artists, gathering nearly 40 painters and sculptors from various cities, with works chosen by contest.

The Mayor of the 8th Arrondissement of the French capital, Francois Lebel, was welcomed to the event, in addition to the Deputy Director of the Sorbonne Institute of Urban Design and Planning, Jean-Antoine Duprat. Members of the Professional Union of Artists, the Culture Ministry and collectors also attended.

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