Supercomputer clusters to unite three countries

Common cyber infrastructure for Belarus, Russia and Moldova
By Andrey Frisov

The CIS innovative development programme is next being discussed at the forthcoming session of the CIS Heads of Government, envisaging the creation of joint supercomputer centres to develop telecommunication infrastructure and new software. It is yet to be decided where exactly the supercomputer clusters will be placed.

A supercomputer cluster could also be created in association with Chinese Inspur, with support from the State Science and Technology Committee as part of the Belarus-China sci-tech co-operative programme. Naturally, Belarusian scientists also take part in European projects, with Belarus included in European grid-infrastructure. 

Belarus is a full member of the EGI-Inspire project (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe) explains Prof. Alexander Tuzikov, who is the Director General of the United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences tells us, “We support our own segment but computing influences everything else. Meanwhile, it’s good for us to make use of European resources.”
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