‘Storks’ under domes of Ryazan Kremlin

Historical and cultural heritage of South-East of Belarus to be showcased by Gomel Palace and Park Estate at exhibitions in Slovakia and Russia
The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) in Banska Bystrica is to host an exhibition of Belarusian artefacts and icons: Belarusian Folk Icon. These come from the Gomel Palace and Park Estate, featuring 87 items, including rushniks, handwritten books and icons painted by Polesie residents.

“We regularly hold exhibitions abroad, since these enjoy popularity. In 2012, we successfully arranged an exhibition of watches in Kaliningrad from the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Museum collections and, in 2011, we organised an exhibition in Poland. We agreed to arrange the exhibition in Slovakia last October and managed to organise it in Banska Bystrica within a short period of time,” notes Director Andrey Gorbachev. The show will run until September 2nd.

Another major international exhibition is soon being launched in Ryazan, Russia: an ethnographic exhibition entitled Storks.
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