Steam tying Dnieper banks

The first ferry, constructed by the Belarusian River Steamship Company’s branch, is launched from Rechitsa port, the starting point of the route servicing the Loev District
The ferry’s construction is one of the largest orders for the Belarusian River Steamship Line recently, a true landmark event. Now complete, it was launched at the port. The non-self-propelled, double-hulled vessel, which is to be pulled by motor boat, is 24m long and 17m wide and is capable of carrying up to 60 tonnes and transports both people and cargo.

The Loev District has needed a ferry for fifteen years to connect the two banks of the Dnieper, the city of Loev and over two dozen villages of the Karpovka and Staroduby rural councils, which are home to over 700 people. The District Executive Committee’s Deputy Chairman, Andrey Stepanchenko, explains that a major problem would be solved as a result, “This is a long-awaited project for our people. At present, they need to make a 130km detour to reach Loev, but it would save several kilometres once the ferry route over the river is launched.”

In Soviet times, a number of ferries, all owned by the villages, serviced this area, but over the course of time, they fell into disrepair and their owners failed to overhaul them. Accordingly, this new ferry route brings a welcome smile to Loev citizens. Apart from carrying passengers, the ferry will also contribute to the economy: transporting workers, cargo and machinery. In addition, it will carry food for local shops, first aid teams, social workers and mail.
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