Standing in line with ratings

High-Tech Park, headquartered in Minsk, compiles ratings for residents, based on their size, software production volumes and exports
EPAM Systems tops all three ratings, followed by System Technologies, Itransition and SaM Solutions. From January-September 2010, growth in software production at the High-Tech Park reached 143 percent (against the same period of 2009). Exports of services dealing with software development stood at $94m during this period (up 36 percent on the same period of 2009) while exports accounted for 80 percent of the HTP’s total production volumes. Among its customers were companies from 50 countries, with 45.1 percent of exports heading for North America, 33 percent to Western Europe and 17.3 percent to the CIS. At the moment, 88 company-residents are registered with the High-Tech Park. From January-September 2010, over 800 new jobs were created there.
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