Specifics of Interaction

Belarus considers development of a full-fledged and mutually beneficial cooperation with NATO to be an important component of protection of both the national and Euro-Atlantic security
“In this issue we proceed from the necessity to use all the possible forms and mechanisms of cooperation", — said the head of the Belarusian delegation First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vasily Pugachyov, when speaking at the sitting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) held in Brussels.

Vasily Pugachyov emphasized that the Republic of Belarus is a member of the global anti-terrorist coalition. The country has ratified all the twelve universal anti-terrorist conventions. Rendering assistance to NATO’s anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, Belarus provides its territory for the transit of freight and ISAF staff to Afghanistan.

The head of the Belarusian delegation reminded that in November 2005 the sessions of NATO’s Political Military Steering Committee and “26+Belarus” Political Committee were held. The committees considered a number of bilateral cooperation issues and approved and accepted the appraisal of Belarus’ participation in the planning and assessment of the programme “Partnership for Peace”. "Attainment of the set partnership goals will enable us to secure the interoperability of the allocated personnel and funds of the Armed Forces of Belarus with those of the alliance for the participation in multinational search and rescue, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations", — assured Vasily Pugachyov.
He also stressed that Belarus has been consistently implementing NATO’s Individual Partnership Programme.

Another important field of interaction between Belarus and NATO that was mentioned is the work on the destroying of antipersonnel mines supply.

Maria Agafonova
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