Sonorous chime from the depths

A 19th century bell has been recovered from its underground hiding place in Glubokoe, found by builders mounting poles of power lines near the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity. At a depth of one metre, the drill ran into a solid object, requiring removal, which proved to be the 70cm bell, weighing 50-60kg.
By Sergey Gomanov

According to an inscription on the bell, it was cast in Warsaw in 1882. A senior researcher at Glubokoe’s Local History Museum, Alexander Khainovsky, tells us that the bell was probably buried on purpose. He notes, “The bell was buried without a tongue, very carefully. Perhaps, someone wanted to protect it from the Germans during WWI or to keep it safe during the revolutionary turmoil of the early 20th century. The bell was then clearly forgotten; its tongue, and maybe even other bells or antiquities, could be buried nearby.”

The bell is now in the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity — the oldest in the district, founded in 1628. Its priest Mechislav tells us that, in the 1930s, new bells were cast for the church. However, he hopes that the bell (in almost perfect condition) may be reinstalled in early September, coinciding with the Day of Belarusian Written Language, being celebrated in Glubokoe.
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