41 tons of grape snails harvested in Brest region, which is two-fold more than in previous year
Industrial gathering of grape snails has 5-year history in Belarus; the snail is used in French cuisine for the famous escargo. In Brest region storage quota is licensed to “Firma Moka” Ltd., which exports snails to France. The organization also works upon recruitment of snail population. This year 15605 adults and 355 kilos of young snails were dispersed for further reproduction.

12 habitats of grape snail are registered in the region. Largest populations are observed in Baranovichi, Brest, Pruzhany and Kobrin districts — mostly in old parks and adjoining broadleaved woodlands. Grape snails are believed to be brought here from western Europe by Polish noblemen in early 20th century.

Harvest season lasts from spring to fall. Gathering personnel of “Firma Moka” works in large-scale habitats of the snail. Many local residents join the new business too — young and old, and even entire families gather snails here. For instance, summer residents of one of summer colonies near Brest show success in snail business. In summer they pick up to 20 snails per square meter.
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