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Labour market is in the limelight of another principal conversation at top level

Situation controllable despite crisis symptoms

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has urged the Government to do its best to retain a skilled workforce. Speaking at a session dedicated to the current situation on the labour market and the social protection of the population, he remarked on the importance of the issue, saying, “It affects the interests of many people and impacts on the stability of the state.” Mr. Lukashenko has heard alarming trends, such as the number of employed population falling and the number of part-time employees rising.

A monitoring group presented its views at the session, looking at reasons for problems, obstacles to improvement and measures to be taken to ensure employment and stability on the labour market. A special monitoring group has studied the situation in the regions.

Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov’s report noted that the labour market is both controllable and stable, with current measures restraining unemployment and ensuring necessary guarantees and compensations to the population.

At present, just 0.9 percent of the able-bodied population is unemployed (within the 1.5 percent target). The decree on the prevention of social parasitism has helped, as has external labour migration. Last year, the inflow of labour migrants from Ukraine tripled (to almost 18,000) but most have found employment in manual labour, such as farm work.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister admits that external crisis factors are leading to negative trends seriously affecting enterprises, primarily in industry and construction. However, most enterprises are finding their own solutions.

By Vladimir Khromov
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