Shoulder boards bind officers and generals

Graduates of military high schools honoured at Independence Palace
The best officers have received commendations from the Belarusian President. During their college years, they have learnt military strategy and command skills to the highest level, yet have the ability to continue learning and improving, notes the Commander-in-Chief. He said, “Having chosen a path of service to the Motherland, you assume enormous responsibility for the country and its people. You will build upon the strength of the Armed Forces, solving challenges in ensuing state, public and border security, keeping law and order in society.”

At the awards ceremony

Today’s graduates will put new military doctrine into practice, with its purely defensive character. The army must adapt to modern methods of warfare, including the use of advanced weaponry, as has become available within a short space of time. The ‘Polonez’ multiple launch rocket system is among new equipment, alongside two satellites now in orbit, and the latest, domestically produced radio detectors and communication equipment, showing how much we can achieve independently.

Military co-operation with allies is to be strengthened, with the President underlining, “Very soon, in addition to new ‘Yak-130’ aircraft, the armed forces will receive advanced ‘Mi-8MTV’ helicopters.”

The graduates of 2016 have someone to look up to. Presenting general status to worthy representatives of the senior military, the Head of State said, “Not everyone can wear these ‘heavy’ shoulder insignia. You are special people, with special responsibility, not only military but political. Without exaggeration, I say, you must live up to them. We have only one duty and one goal: in difficult times, we should take a front line and, if needed, die in the name of our people. We should always remember this.”

By Yevgeny Kononov
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