Serious help for the economy

Belarus’ cement industry shifts from gas to coal

By Tatiana Kovalevskaya

Not long ago, the Belarusian Cement Plant (BCP) and China’s Citic International Co-operation CO, Ltd signed an acceptance memorandum for a coal preparation workshop at the plant. BCP General Director Vladimir Kiselev notes modestly that ‘this is only the first tiny step’; further work lies ahead regarding the launch of a second line to produce cement by the ‘dry’ process.

The new coal preparation workshop is a huge help to the plant and the economy overall, as highlighted by Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Anatoly Kalinin. Speaking at the document’s signing, he noted that specialists have been working day and night to ensure the facility comes into operation ahead of schedule. Impressively, by reducing gas consumption by 25 percent, this saves around $3m every month.

Three cement plants are realising similar projects in the Republic at present: the Belarusian Cement Plant, Krasnoselskstroymaterialy and Krichevtsementnoshifer. “We’ve approached a final stage at two of these sites, ensuring additional production of 3.6m tonnes of cement next year,” Mr. Kalinin announced. “The figure is to reach 5m tonnes once the third plant is complete in the first quarter of 2012.” He stressed that this should reduce the acute need for this raw material for the construction branch, while increasing exports. Mr. Kalinin added that there are no problems regarding financing for innovative projects, with all loans arriving on time. He has invited Chinese Citic to continue collaboration via joint facilities with construction and engineering companies.

Mr. Kiselev emphasised that, this year, the cement plants aim to raise production volumes, with sales ensured immediately rather than goods being sent to warehouses.

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