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Best CIS space experts gather in Minsk for two days

Second satellite soon to be ready

Best CIS space experts gather in Minsk for two days. The Head of the Russian Space Agency, Igor Komarov, has joined the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Lyubomir Sabadosh, and delegations from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia in outlining further co-operation with the National Academy of Sciences.

Belarus’ hosting of the event is significant. Our country has many times announced its interest in developing strategic avenues related to the space sphere and sci-tech production, with results already evident.

Belarus joined the list of cosmic states not long ago. In 2012, a satellite was launched and, since then, some Belarusian enterprises have been fulfilling international orders: among them Integral and Peleng. The creation of the second Belarusian satellite was discussed at the Minsk meeting and Mr. Komarov commented, “We are now discussing technical details: its appearance and functions. In addition, we’re developing a business plan to study our market and the payback period.”

Preliminary work should be complete within a few months and the satellite should launch in 2017. Our first satellite is successfully operating jointly with the Russian satellite, providing data to warn against impending emergencies. It is useful for forestry and agriculture, as well as the construction industry and map making. According to Mr. Komarov, there are serious prospects for further collaboration and development, including in the scientific field.

Participants at the meeting agreed that the space industry is little affected by geo-politics. It is united by common problems traditionally settled in close co-operation. In this respect, Mr. Sabadosh said that his country is continuing to fulfil its obligations: in particular, Ukraine’s Kommunar produces a management system which ensures the launch of the Soyuz booster (made by Russia). “Our co-operation has lasted over 50 years. No space projects are independently achieved,” he asserted.

By Yulia Vasilishina
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