Scientists making solid contribution

Belarus’ agricultural export potential stands at $7bn

By Tatiana Lobasova

“Major exports are found in the cattle breeding sphere, including meat and milk products which have received some degree of processing,” explains the General Director of the Scientific-Practical Centre for Arable Farming at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, doctor of agricultural sciences Fiodor Privalov. Our cereal exports are also becoming more competitive on the foreign market. According to Mr. Privalov, Belarus is making a name for itself as a leading producer of elite cereal crops, with good yields achieved as a result of genetic experimentation and selection. Over the last five years, scientists from the Scientific-Practical Centre have created 170 varieties of plant, in addition to making 66 technological developments. Many have received prestigious awards at international exhibitions.

Mr. Privalov notes that 82 Belarusian varieties are grown in the EU with much success, being included on the national registers of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Germany; this proves their competitiveness.
Belarusian scientists have developed a new variety of wheat for bread baking, which was previously believed unsuitable for the Belarusian climate. With careful selection, domestic varieties of high quality winter and summer wheat have been grown, with harvest yields raised. Fewer flour imports are thus required and, in future, such imports may become obsolete.
Belarusian malt now also meets European standards, with demand outstripping supply. High quality Belarus-made beer (brewed from domestic grain) recently won an award at an international contest in the USA, with Olivaria taking first place.

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