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Science-intensive technology proves in demand

Gomel’s State Technical University develops resource-saving technology to produce ceramic items

By Olga Biserova

Ceramic ware is now being manufactured using waste from chinaware production. The range spans electrotechnical and refractory ceramics to coarse-porous ceramic filters and diamond abrasive elements. The method can even be used to make optical glass and glass-ceramic and ceramic foam materials.

The highest quality is ensured while using fewer resources and solving problems of waste recycling, fulfilling the criteria of the 2011-2015 State Innovation Development Programme of Belarus. This aims to modernise the national economy, involving structural reorganisation and bringing enhanced competitiveness of Belarusian goods at home and abroad. The programme’s major tasks are to create competitive, innovative, high-tech, science-intensive manufactures and to promote resource- and energy-saving technologies.

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