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Result of business relations

Agreement on co-operation signed between Investigative Committees of Belarus and Russia at National Library of Belarus by Chairman of Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and that of Belarus, Valentin Shaev
Our two departments have been co-operating closely and successfully even without official documentation, as Mr. Shaev emphasises. He names as an example the joint investigation of the MMM case, which brought to trial 12 people who ran a financial pyramid in Belarus. The agreement will seriously expand collaboration, including the provision of international treaties in the criminal and legal sphere, helping tackle crimes and corruption. In addition, it will oversee training of investigation agency staff and employees from both committees will be able to attend the scientific and educational institutions of our two states.

Mr. Bastrykin praises the promptness of the establishment of the Investigation Committee of Belarus, noting, “In a short period of time, you’ve managed to set up a structure which preserves all that is best in Belarusian investigation. Moreover, you’ve kept a high level of legitimacy and effectiveness at all stages.” He notes that some Russian regions have not yet reached a similarly high level of efficiency.

The Russian guest warns against unconsidered legislative reform, emphasising, “You have the example of Russia in front of you; we hurried to adopt decisions on complex issues and are now being forced to correct our mistakes. Belarus isn’t hurrying to introduce trial juries, which is the correct path. We’ve now reduced the powers of such courts countrywide, since this institute has turned out to be doubtful. Regarding criminal penalties, I’ve been to Belgorod — the site of a terrible tragedy in which six people were murdered. People were on the streets almost demanding the return of the death penalty. People want to see fair punishments, which is understandable.”

Summarising the results of the meeting, Mr. Shaev expressed confidence that, from now on, investigators in Belarus and Russia will be working in more efficient tandem. They’ll receive the opportunity to share official information and experience of investigating various crimes.
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