Relying on long-term bilateral projects

Belarus and Slovenia agree to more actively develop all-round economic collaboration between two states

Belarus and Slovenia agree to more actively develop all-round economic collaboration between two states

Mutual interest in expanding contacts has been expressed during a meeting between the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Slovenia, Karl Erjavec.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Slovenia Karl Erjavec

“First of all, I’d like to thank Slovenia for its position in relation to Belarus, in particular, regarding issues with the EU,” underlined the Head of State. “We’re grateful, and see everything, from political issues to simple relations between people. I refer to your kind attitude towards Belarusian children from Chernobyl-affected regions, whom you regularly invite for recreation and recuperation.”

“I don’t think that there were, or will be, any problems at political or diplomatic level, or in relations between people. There are no problems at all and I don’t think there will be any,” Mr. Lukashenko is convinced. “There was a pause in relations, for reasons we know well. We think that Slovenia has nothing to do with it.”

Mr. Lukashenko reminded that Belarus has always had good relations with the republics of the former Yugoslavia, including Slovenia. “Belarusian people, and I personally, respect this prosperous piece of land and Slovenians; this, of course, has a strong impact on bilateral relations in the finest sense of the word,” the President emphasises.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lukashenko notes that trade is the foundation of bilateral relations. “I’m speaking about the economy not because there are certain problems. We liaise with Slovenian businesses, with all those who are willing to co-operate with us,” notes the President. “To stabilise our economic relations, it would be great for us to implement a number of major joint projects, maybe, three or four. In fact, such projects are in the pipeline and will help establish strong links between our two countries. Even the European Union won’t be able to influence them because the economy is the backbone of everything.”

Mr. Erjavec notes that Belarus has a reliable ally, and that Belarus and Slovenia have traditionally maintained friendly relations. “Belarus always has an ally in us, and our support. These friendly relations are dear to me personally,” he stresses.

The meeting focused on the development of Belarus-Slovenia economic collaboration and mutually beneficial projects, including in the spheres of energy and wood processing. Slovenia is going to implement long-term promising projects with Belarus. The Belarusian Head of State is encouraging Slovenian businessmen to step up efforts to access the Belarusian market.

Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia states that his country would like Belarus and the European Union to agree on visa regime facilitation as soon as possible.

Mr. Lukashenko underlines that Belarus is prepared for all-round co-operation with Slovenia, on mutually beneficial terms.

By Vladislav Veremeev
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