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Relations enter new dimension

Foreign Ministry of Cuba hosts solemn ceremony of cancellation of Belarusian and Cuban postage stamps, released to mark 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our two states
The event took place during a working visit by the Belarusian delegation to Havana and included inter-ministerial consultations. Belarus was represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik while the Cubans were headed by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba, Dagoberto Rodriguez Barrera. Participants discussed a wide range of issues of bilateral co-operation, while co-ordinating the positions of our two states at international forums. Opinions were also shared regarding developmental trends within the post-Soviet space and in Latin America. Mr. Aleinik and the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, discussed key aspects of Belarusian-Cuban political dialogue, while agreeing future goals. Meanwhile, the Belarusian delegation met Cuban partners from the ministries of Industry, Construction, Energy and Mining, and well as from foreign trade companies: Technoimport, Transimport, Khimimport and EIGT.
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