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Reform bringing objectivity

Alexander Lukashenko has praised the high level of professional expertise, worthy of envy by international colleagues and served by modern equipment and facilities.
Alexander Lukashenko has praised the high level of professional expertise, worthy of envy by international colleagues and served by modern equipment and facilities. Importantly, the expert institute is independent, ensuring its objectivity, with an independent Investigative Committee and an independent State Forensics Committee. Each plays its role and monitors the work of partners. Investigators no longer accept ‘crude’ cases from the police and no one can tell investigators how to perform their work.

According to the President, such independence can only benefit society. He notes, “The essence of human rights is held in this difficult process. Every citizen can count on full objectivity and the independence of this or that body... We are reproached for having a dictatorship: yes, we have a rigid dictatorship of truth! We do not serve clannish interests, acting only in the interests of our people and the state — serving honesty, truth and justice.

Mr. Lukashenko notes that the country has reformed the judicial and legal system more than once and that such investigation always encourages a more professional attitude. He explains, “You detect a crime, collect evidence, carry out preliminary investigations and then give the case to the investigator, if needed. The investigator considers whether you have been objective, without prejudice, and acting comprehensively. If you have failed, you have to return to your documents, for further work. This supports not only objectivity but independence in the process.”

The President considers that the decision to reform the State Forensics Committee is correct, saying, “The objectivity and independence of processes in our country are at world level. Our honesty and objectivity are higher than in any other country: I guarantee it, as I carefully keep an eye on this.”

The President notes that redistribution of resources has helped raise the efficiency of forensic work, and its modernisation, through the use of new equipment. Mr. Lukashenko underlines that the Committee should focus on reducing expenditure, using savings to raise salaries. He also emphasises the important role of the Committee in the struggle against illegal drug distribution, including the identification and control of new kinds of drugs.

As he handed over the banner of the State Forensics Committee and a merit certificate of the President of Belarus to the Chairman of the Committee, the President noted that, although reproached for dictatorship, he sees it as ‘a rigid dictatorship of truth’.

He added, “Rigid saving will be the main direction of our work in the new year, as we have been too loose and wasteful with finances. Saving is the foremost question and concerns all of us.” He explained that he has already ordered state bodies and structures to reduce material maintenance twice — but underlines that this does not concern salaries. “Many people in our country now drive personal cars, although car fuel is expensive. It might seem a trifle, but we all want to have a worthy salary and, at least, access to affordable housing loans, as is right. We’ll support salaries and residential accommodation. We’ll save where we can and where it’s necessary, to optimise.”

“No matter how much money we have, we’ll save where possible. Meanwhile, we’ll stop those affairs with currencies. It is necessary to understand one thing: if we want stability on the currency market, everyone from simple citizens to legal entities must contribute appropriately to the state reserve. Then, we’ll have stability. If some bring currency and money into the country while others simply buy money from exchangers, to spend or put in a stocking, then the country will end up in a poor state.”

By Vladimir Khromov
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