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Belarusian insurance system known for efficiency

Red light for those without green card

Belarusian insurance system known for efficiency

Upon state decision

Compulsory civil liability insurance became compulsory for car owners in Belarus in 1999, accompanied by much debate. However, even the strictest opponents appreciated the new system. In line with a Presidential decree, the Belarusian Bureau of Transport Insurance was established, uniting all organisations with the right to offer compulsory insurance. The Bureau bears responsibility for meeting the rules of damage assessment and terms of payment.

Since then, OSAGO is obligatory and no car can be registered with the traffic police or receive technical inspection without the document. Compensation of up to 10,000 Euros may be given (pegged to foreign currency due to inflation and with assessment in line with the exchange rate on the date of the accident).

Covering all costs

AutoKasko is one of the most popular Belarusian voluntary insurance companies, offering compensation also to those responsible for accidents. There is no limit, so that the full cost of repair or replacement can be covered. However, AutoKasko costs around six times more than compulsory ‘3rd Party’ insurance.

Foreign travel

To go abroad, Belarusians need to take out international insurance, via a green card (fines are heavy for avoidance). Belarusians may choose from three types of insurance, with a green card to visit all member-states of the international insurance system being the most expensive. Many find it cheaper to hire a car abroad.

By Kristina Khilkovich
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