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Programming facts without difficulties of translation

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno specialists trained in English language for IT
By Dmitry Anikeev

The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, which is traditionally at the forefront of introducing modern trends into the educational process, is conducting a bold experiment. Combining innovative technologies with classical education, the Faculty is considered to be the leading educational and research centre in the sphere of basic and applied research in mathematics, computer science and programming.

Second and third year students specialising in ‘Software Supply of Information Technologies’ are taking English classes, with particular focus on IT vocabulary. This reflects the desire of students while aiming to equip them for the modern world. Any student failing to keep up is asked to leave the English course however.

The following subjects are being taught in English: ‘Higher Mathematics’, ‘Information Theory’, ‘Programming Languages’, ‘Document Mark-up Languages’, ‘Foundations Computer Networks Theory’ and ‘Development of Platform-Independent Applications’. Lectures are also planned on ‘Methods of Computer Information Protection’ via the Belarusian-Indian Training Centre, with workshops held ‘live’ online.

To make it easier for students to understand difficult mathematical and programming facts, they are invited to attend the same courses simultaneously in Russian language — which has proven popular. Third-year students are able to undertake internships at foreign enterprise EPAM Systems, with classes in English held there, conducted by company specialists. Emphasis is placed on practice-oriented teaching, with the university working closely with many IT-companies across the Grodno Region, including IntexSoft LLC and Soft-Service LLC. The Faculty has been co-operating with Cisco Inc. (the world’s largest manufacturer of networking hardware) since 2007, with its specialists training in designing and operating modern computer networks. One training programme is also conducted in English there.

Many professors of the State University of Grodno have been able to teach in English after passing foreign internships in India. Today, their high level of qualification is confirmed by international certification.

“Programmers, mathematicians and IT specialists should know English perfectly, showing easy familiarity with specialised vocabulary, to allow them to help develop computer technology,” asserts the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the State University of Grodno, Yelena Livak. “The whole world speaks English, while the Belarusian IT industry is becoming more attractive to foreign investors. Our professional staff is in demand in Belarus and abroad as our innovative development is declared at the highest level.

In order to ease access to higher education, students are being allowed more flexibility in their schedules, while passing internships in Poland, India and Macedonia. Non-resident students working with IT companies over the summer are being given hostel accommodation. The Faculty is particularly pleased with its training methods, which are oriented towards practical skills.

Last year, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science worked with the Hi-Tech Park and the largest IT-companies to hold a regional Olympiad for cryptography and information security. The event now has national status. In 2011, the SW Group students’ academic research and practical centre opened, serving tomorrow’s IT-professionals. The students even have their own e-magazine, which is a worthy alternative to Faculty printed newsletters.
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