Programmers top the ratings

National Statistical Committee notes that July’s average salary reached Br5.5 million countrywide ($610 equivalent)
By Yuri Pinchuk

The Belarusian Statistical Committee states that programmers and aviators continue to lead on the earnings front. Those working in IT are taking home about Br12.5 million per month (almost $1,400) while those connected with air transport earn approximately Br11.5 million (about $1,300). Employees of the oil industry are in third place, earning Br10.5 million per month (over $1,150).

The biggest growth rates in real salaries from January-July this year (compared to last) were seen in the spheres of property management (137.3 percent), construction (137.1 percent), the manufacture of assembly ferro-concrete and concrete constructions and items (135.5 percent), and water transport (135.1 percent). The least growth was noted in social services, the activity connected with computing technique and education. In total, real salaries from January-July this year (compared to last year) rose by 19.1 percent in industry and 19.8 percent among workers and public servants.

The rapid increase in salaries across Belarus has brought incomes more in line with those seen in Russia: in May 2013, they comprised 60 percent of rates in Russia (up from 50.7 percent in May 2012 and 46.7 percent in December 2012). These data are provided in the analytical review of the National Bank — Basic Trends in the Spheres of Economy, Finance and Credit in Belarus — covering January-June, 2013.

In comparison to Kazakh Tenge incomes, those in Belarus this May reached 93.9 percent of those in Kazakhstan (against 72 percent in May 2012 and 74.4 percent in December 2012).

Salary growth in Belarus in Dollar equivalent shows that the average salary of Belarusian workers in July 2013 stood at about Br5.5 million (approximately $610): up from $590.5 in June 2013 and $450 in June 2012. In just one year, salaries grew approximately $160 — more than a third.
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