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Producing results

Belarusians not lost at German fair
By Piotr Timofeyenko

Belarus has seen around two dozens of agreements relating to scientific-technical co-operation, with contracts for the delivery of high-tech products. In addition, protocols of intention have been signed regarding partnerships from the Hannover International Industrial Fair: Hannover Messe 2012. The rich harvest from Germany should soon be multiplied, with agreements on co-operation signed after the end of the fair, as is usual.

This year, the State Committee for Science and Technology worked alongside the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support for Science and Technologies to arrange a national display covering over 60 square metres. In all, 150 high-tech products were presented.

Among those on show were electrolytic-plasma treatment machines, lasers for various purposes, endoscopes, equipment for the manufacture of polyurethane foams and high-performance absorbents for spilled oil (and mobile means of production). Water purification systems using new membranous tissues and carbon sorbent, bio materials to stimulate plant growth and protection, as well as technology for growing synthetic emeralds were also of great interest.

The fair’s Co-operation with Eastern Europe in the Sphere of Green Technologies seminar involved representatives from the Belarusian State University. Their report was marked as one of the best, presenting new green technologies of water purification.
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