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Osipovichi Milk Processing Plant JSC commissions new line with 10 tonne daily hard cheese capacity
Opening the new line, the Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, Piotr Rudnik, noted that the new compact factory in Osipovichi is manufacturing products with high added value. 

Innovative and high-tech jobs have been created, although it takes only three people to service the hard cheese line, each receiving high salaries. Mr. Rudnik is in favour of creating more such enterprises. Similar lines are already operational in Slavgorod and Bykhov while a new line able to produce 15 tonnes of hard cheese daily is about to be commissioned in Mstislavl (also part of the Mogilev Milk Company); this will raise the output of its high-quality competitive products while considerably increasing export supplies, bringing extra profit, higher salaries and a better life for employees.

The investment project to install the new hard cheese line has cost Br97bn, using French and Italian equipment. At present, the company makes four kinds of Russian and Dutch cheeses. The first batch of 80 tonnes has already been exported to Moscow and, by the end of the year, the company plans to commission a whey-drying machine.

Osipovichi Milk Processing Plant offers over 100 varieties of goods — particularly, dried skimmed milk, butter, hard and cheddar cheeses and chocolate-glazed curd bars, as well as other whole milk and skimmed milk products.
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