Prize for Kindness

Belarusian organization “Mothers Against Drugs” received a UN prize
The annual Vienna prize “Civil Society” of the UN had been founded by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Austrian government and municipal authorities of the city of Vienna. The prize is awarded to individuals or organizations for exceptional contribution to struggle against drugs, crime and terrorism.

The Belarusian non-governmental organization “Mothers Against Drugs” was created in 2000 to unite the efforts of parents aimed to stop the use of drugs by their children.

Five years ago the organization launched jointly with concerned state agencies the information and prevention campaign “Don’t let them kill you”, which aims to cut drug abuse and stop the spread of AIDS among the youth.
“Mothers Against Drugs” had initiated the creation of anonymous receptions for drug addicts “Your Choice” where those wishing to kick the murderous habit may receive consultations and legal aid.

Besides, back in 2002 “Mothers Against Drugs” launched jointly with the UNDP a special project in Soligorsk aiming at HIV prevention among drug users.
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