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Prime time on TV and radio

TV and radio debates by candidate deputies for the House of Representatives (of the fifth calling) are to be broadcast at prime time, as will pre-election statements by candidates standing for Parliament, notes the Secretary of the Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus for Elections and Republican Referenda, Nikolai Lozovik
By Mikhail Svetlov

The Central Committee has adopted a statement on the use of the media in election campaigning, stipulating that candidates have the right to one free broadcast on public TV and another on public radio. Mr. Lozovik explains, “The Central Election Commission has provided for broadcasts being screened in prime time, when the greatest number of viewers and listeners are at home: from 7 to 8 pm on TV and from 6 to 7 pm on the radio.” He adds that television and radio debates will be held simultaneously, with air time provided free of charge.

Candidates for parliamentary seats representing Minsk are to present their election manifesto on Belarus 2 TV channel and on Stolitsa (Capital) radio. Those from the Minsk Region will use STV TV Channel and Stolitsa radio station while those registered in the other regions will appear on local television and radio. 

“The CEC has asked every TV and radio station organising debates to reserve five minutes of air time for each candidate and five minutes for the host,” notes the secretary of the Central Election Commission. He adds that candidates should present their election programmes themselves, but may send authorised representatives to participate in debates.
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