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Modernisation enables Belarusian oil processing companies to enter foreign markets

Price and quality always guaranteed by the brand

Modernisation enables Belarusian oil processing companies to enter foreign markets

Belarusian refuelling station in the Smolensk Region

Speaking at the launch of a Belarusian Beloil refuelling station in the Smolensk Region, H.E. Mr. Nikolai Kutsko, who heads the Belarusian Embassy to Russia — stated that Russian consumers now have access to high quality Belarusian light-oil products. He noted, “Belarusian oil processing enterprises are being modernised. Certainly, it is a costly process but we have been ahead of Russian manufacturers of oil products for some time. We’ve entered the European market, so presenting our merchandise in Russia is not difficult. Price and quality are the main factors for our presence on the Russian market.”

In recent times, Russians have been showing greater appreciation of Belarusian products and services. The sale of Belarusian fuel (initially by wholesale and now in retail) looks promising. According to Mr. Kutsko, housing construction is another example of successful partnership. “We are building the Vitebsk Quarter in Smolensk: a system of 13 houses. We are constructing Malinovka and Minsk Park in Kaluga, and other projects,” he said.

The project to create a network of automobile refuelling stations in Russia under the Belarusian BelOil brand is being implemented by European Trading Company JSC. At present, stations operate 100km apart, on the A141 motorway, owned by a major Russian oil trading company, but using the Belarusian trademark and merchandise.

By Galina Tikhonova
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