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Minsk hosts 4th Forum of Young Journalists as part of the Year of Youth

Minsk hosts 4th Forum of Young Journalists as part of the Year of Youth

Under the title ‘A Common View to the Future: Journalism as the Choice of the Young’, the media event proved dynamic, attracting representatives of newspapers, radio and TV from across Belarus. Aged under 30 years, the young professionals had the chance to share professional experience across a range of topics, from rental housing to the major political event of the year: the Presidential elections.

150 media representatives take part in forum

The forum launched with Information Minister Lilia Ananich outlining key ideas. She announced, “At present, the entire media participates in forming public opinion. Accordingly, it’s important to ensure that a true personality is behind each newspaper line or Internet report. In this way, the ultimate target will be achieved: quality reporting. Use this journalistic workshop to expand your knowledge; journalism is a responsible profession and — as no other — bears supreme civil responsibility. You are not merely the future of our information space, you are its present. You are the pens which form public opinion.”

Most guests at the forum arrived from the regions so, unsurprisingly, questions from district and regional editions dominated the beginning of the event. Ms. Ananich emphasised the role of the regional media and its popularity, since readers always like to know what’s happening close to home. The Belarusian Radio and TV Company’s recent launch of a separate channel for Mogilev offers best proof.

Lilia Ananich

On the first day of the forum, Znamya Yunosti newspaper summed up the results of a contest of social films and artistic essays: Live and Flourish, Belarus. Irina Mazuro, a Slutsky Krai reporter was named its winner, while a second degree diploma went to SB special reporter Svetlana Isaenok. Natalia Tyshkovskaya, from Krai Smalyavitski, came third. All deserve the heartiest congratulations.

The young journalists quickly turned to their professional activity — attending training at state media editorial offices, and taking part in informal discussion sessions. The Belarusian Union of Journalists awarded its Debut award in five nominations — naming the best reporter, columnist, radio programme host, TV programme host and photo correspondent.

By Olga Pasiyak
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