Preferences make Park attractive

Belarusian enterprises to receive privileges for business development at China’s Changchun Technopark

By Olga Bogomazova

The Park encourages enterprises working in such fields as photo-electronics, lasers, new materials and energy, agriculture technologies and bio-technologies, and informatics. “On becoming a resident of the Belarusian-Chinese Technopark, our producers will receive a range of rewarding privileges and preferences, in addition to access to a huge sales market and business expansion,” explains Marina Tsives, who heads the Belarusian Centre for Sci-Tech Co-operation with Chinese

Provinces, at the Belarusian Scientific Technical University Polytechnik’s Technopark.
Those situated in the high-tech innovative zone (in the city of Changchun) pay income tax at a rate of just 15 percent, with a mere 10 percent for those whose export volumes exceed 70 percent of their entire production (during any year of activity).
Additionally, established enterprises are exempt from profit tax for a period of two years from entering ‘normal’ operational levels. New joint ventures (established jointly with China and using foreign capital) whose period of activity under contract exceeds 10 years are exempt from income tax for their first two years of receiving profits.

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