Powerful devices quickly detect suspicious objects

Free customs clearance at Grigorovshchina checkpoint
By Yelena Tikhonovich

Free customs clearance at Grigorovshchina checkpoint

New technology is now operational at the reconstructed Grigorovshchina checkpoint, on the Latvian border (Vitebsk Region’s Verkhnedvinsk District). Its inspection complex makes it possible to obtain an X-ray photo of a vehicle and its cargo in just 3-5 minutes, enabling customs officers to identify the cargo and elements of the vehicle, detecting any prohibited objects. In addition, approximate calculation of volume is possible. “The software used comprises many powerful instruments, enabling analytical operators to quickly and accurately discover suspicious objects, defining their size and approximate location,” explain customs’ representatives.

The inspection complex also meets the requirements of Belarusian radiation security legislation. No harm is caused to the environment or to people if procedures are fully met, and it leaves no danger to drivers or the cargo after scanning.  Specialists note that the new scanning equipment should increase carrying capacity and enhance customs control efficiency, while deterring illegal trafficking. “Customs control of cargo and vehicles is being realised at a whole new level. Importantly, security in the trans-border region will be enhanced,” customs’ representatives note.

Vitebsk Customs has now reached its final stage of international technical aid project: The Construction and Equipment of Grigorovshchina Border Crossing Point. The latter is part of a Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus trans-border co-operation project and is being realised by Belarus’ State Customs Committee, Vitebsk’s Customs and Minsk’s Central Customs, jointly with Latvia’s State Revenue Service. The project’s total budget comprises 2.8m Euros, with most allocated by the European Union. Belarus and Latvia have also financed part of the work.
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