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Journalists and firemen discussed fire prevention cooperation

Journalists and firemen discussed joint fire prevention measures

The media`s role in prevention in different areas of human activities is hard to overestimate. Timely information, clearly and vividly presented, is faster memorized, and consequently, works. Therefore, journalists along with specialists of the relevant agencies are figures of great importance here. How to optimize and make the joint work of the regional media and departments of emergency situations more effective? A set of measures has been developed by the participants of a seminar under the auspices of the Minsk regional branch of the Belarusian Union of Journalists.

«The beginning of the year was very hot. Reports telling of fires, taking people’s lives including young children’s and whole families’, came in almost on a daily basis and continue coming. It was therefore decided to keep our seminars going. Cooperation of journalists and rescuers was established more than a year ago, but it is time to define new emphases» - Nikolai Litvinov, chairman of the regional branch of the creative union, stressed.

Classes had a theoretical and practical orientation. Their participants gathered at the training center of Minsk regional departments of emergency situations in Zaslavl. They thoroughly discussed directions of local media work as part of the public system of emergencies prevention and management. Legal aspects of the interaction were a separate issue. The legislative framework was thoroughly discussed, concerning dissemination of social advertising in particular. The participants of the seminar exchanged views and shared experiences, watched videos shot by Emercom. Summing up the discussion, the journalists and rescuers came to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop new, not declarative, and more creative forms of presentation of preventive materials. This is what plays a major role in shaping the culture of public safety. The most successful proposals will be propagated as examples.

During a workshop Emercom employees demonstrated elements of fire extinguishing and rescuing victims from a car. Journalists got a chance to try themselves as rescuers and take part in the elimination of a mock emergency using the latest specialized equipment.

«Journalists from regional newspapers, as from any other editions, are universal specialists, they have to write on a large variety of topics. And naturally they need to understand and know a lot. Workshops with representatives of relevant agencies, initiated by the Minsk regional branch of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, is designed exactly to give new and modern knowledge, regulatory and practical. This will enable regional media professionals to maintain a high level of professional skill» – Nikolai Litvinov noted.

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