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Post office invites you to shop

In the centre of Brest, a ‘Post Shop’ opens its doors
By Irina Orlova

The city on the River Bug has become the first among the regional centres where a shop of this type opened. The almost forgotten smell of sealing wax brings special comfort here.

“Today information technology is being developed with a staggering speed, and sometimes we come up short of warmth and comfort,” notes Valentina Pukh, Director of Belpochta’s Brest’s branch. “We will work with visitors, study their needs and develop services which will be in demand. We will broaden the range of goods.”

The shop became a real gift for the stamp collectors of the city. They can examine the stamps on display in detail, and they will not disturb the other customers. Before, the stamp collectors had to share the common queue with other customers. Souvenir products, telling about Brest’s history, are also on offer, along with envelopes, post cards of handwork and gifts. The shop staff will also beautifully wrap your purchased souvenirs, close them up with a real seal with a ‘Privet iz Bresta’ (Hello from Brest) inscription and send to the addressee.

“Post is such a part of our life that, even if there are electronic information transmission methods today, it is difficult to imagine that its services will be disappear,” underlines Andrey Klets, Head of the Administration of Brest’s Leninsky District. “The face-to-face contact that you get visiting a post office is invaluable and cannot be replaced. The opening of the ‘Post Shop’ is a stepping stone to keeping the history and culture of our city.”
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