Positive result isn’t late in arriving

EU ready for new approach towards Belarus

EU ready for new approach towards Belarus

Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister, Yelena Kupchina, has told Radio Belarus listeners that the European Union is ready for a new approach in its relations with Belarus. She emphasised, “Frankly, the restrictions or ‘sanctions’ (as we say) imposed on Belarus are the main obstacle to normalising our relations with the EU. However, I’m convinced that, if the EU lifts these sanctions, our relations will enter a new, positive level very quickly.”

Ms. Kupchina noted that the development of good neighbourly relations with the EU has always been and remains a priority of Belarus’ foreign policy. “In recent years, Belarus has been strengthening dialogue with official Brussels and individual EU member states, bringing small, incremental steps towards improving relations and gradually developing co-operation across various areas. All this has been possible through joint work on both sides: from Belarus and the European Union.”

She added that the EU has changed its stance now that European partners have realised the need to develop dialogue based on mutual respect with Belarus, which makes a significant contribution to the security and stability of Europe and the wider world. She underlined that European business circles have been showing interest in setting up and developing business in Belarus.

By Galina Grishkovets
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