Positive migration balance preserved

Number of foreign citizens arriving in Belarus for permanent residence continues to exceed number of Belarusian citizens leaving

By Vasily Malashenkov

Igor Ignatovich, the Deputy Head of the Belarusian Interior Ministry’s Department for Citizenship and Migration, has told journalists that, since the beginning of this year, around 2,000 Belarusians have left the country for permanent residence in another state, while almost 4,500 foreigners have arrived in our Republic with the same purpose.

In recent times, about 8,000 Belarusian residents have annually left the country, with around 12,000 foreigners coming to us — primarily from Russia and other CIS states.

In March 2010, a new Law On the Procedure for Exit from and Entry into the Republic of Belarus by Citizens of the Republic of Belarus came into force, simplifying the exit of children. Now, if one parent or guardian accompanies a child across the border, the permission of another isn’t required.

If any conflict arises between parents, other exit procedures for the child may be established by court. If a child travels with a third person (e.g., a grandmother or an uncle), the permission of both parents is needed.

Last year, the EU changed requirements for passports of foreign entrants: at the time of entry, a passport should be no more than ten years old; it should expire no earlier than within three months after the declared date of return; and it should have at least two blank pages.

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