Belarusian scientists have shown the first results of the program “BelRosTransGen” during the international conference
Belarusian scientists have shown the first results of the program “BelRosTransGen” during the international conference.

At forum that took place in France under the aegis of the UNO, the academy member Ivan Sheyko and the candidate of agricultural science Alexander Budevich in their reports told about the Belarusian-Russian program “BelRosTransGen” on human genic construction implantation into goats DNA and reception of transgenic beasts.

Interest to lactoferin in science world could be explained by its healthy influence on treatment against malignant tumor that has been already proved. Besides, it is known that milk enriched by lactoferin of transgenic beasts is the closest for its composition to female breast milk and can be used in newborns bottle feeding. As Belarus suffered most of all from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident, it is very important to organize medicine production on the basis of lactoferin.

“There was shown a colossal interest to Belarusian scientists research, since our way of lactoferin receiving of transgenic goat milk was admitted to be the safest and original”, — Ivan Sheyko has underlined. He said that the scientists all over the world are specialized mainly on lactoferin receiving on the basis of cow milk. But people believe that such a method does not meet requirements on ecological safety in full. It must be repeated purified. And in that sense goat milk is considered to be more curative and ecologically clean.

Taking into account the importance of transgenosis operations that are carried out by Belarusian scientists, the world public observes the science experiment in Belarus with close attention, as it was underlined during the conference.

Besides, in the Republican Biotechnological center numerous operations on transgenosis has been completed recently and a healthy offspring of three little goats appeared. Part of beasts’ tissue has been already sent to the Biogenic Institute in Russia. To all features these beasts could be admitted as transgenic and then it can be said with confidence that the aim that Belarusian and Russian scientists placed forward themselves — to receive transgenic beasts empirically, — is achieved.

The formula of medical drugs on the basis of transgenic beast milk and medicine production organizing are to be developed in future.

Anna Bondartchuk
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