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Personnel modernisation: need for more top managers

Economy integrated into global society impossible without competent managers
By Andrey Butrimovich

It’s no secret that the need for structural reform is inspiring the Belarusian Government to focus on employing well trained, competent managers to tackle the national task of industrial modernisation. However, such people must be trained. The Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Scientific-Industrial Association, Georgy Grits, believes that our domestic top managers need to pass internships abroad. He explains, “European internships are a must for our domestic directors. It’s necessary to keep training personnel at prestigious foreign establishments, ensuring a bilateral connection between practical business work and consulting, taking advantage of the research and practical experience of foreign lecturers and businessmen; they can share their experience with students. The Academy of Management under the President of Belarus and the Institute for Privatisation and Management are positive examples but, of course, training new managerial staff is a complex task taking much time.”

Tsar Peter I sent his most promising young countrymen abroad three centuries ago, to raise the prosperity of his country. The Executive Director of Magna Carta College Oxford, Vadim Titov, notes, “To make a dynamic economic breakthrough, the country needs a clearer system of post-graduate and business education — including partnerships with foreign universities. Educational liaisons can bring in foreign expertise, strengthening our own base.”

Studying abroad is only half the battle, as Mr. Grits notes. To enhance the efficiency of Belarusian company heads, more freedom of action must be given and accountability. He adds, “A company leader should be, foremost, competent and, secondly, responsible for decision making. A director must be able to guide industrial development independently, which is quite the opposite from what we usually see. They often act only as they are ordered to, which is not the best way for Belarus to create the economy of the future, integrated into the global economy.”

Belarus boasts huge labour potential, having top managers who have completed university education at home and abroad. These professionals are ready to try new ideas and managerial methods, aiming to enhance Belarusian competitiveness and expand our export diversity. We can join new sales markets and receive significant profit through the economic modernisation currently taking place countrywide.
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