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Pearl appearing in all its glory

During a press tour of the Myadel District, journalists have seen the economic and cultural life of Naroch Lake area; a national pearl covering 98,000 hectares, it now offers not only fresh lakes and picturesque landscapes but roadside cafes, gift shops and good hotels
State injections to improve facilities have reaped obvious rewards over the past decade; in the last year alone, Naroch Lake area tourist revenue has increased by 52 percent, reaching $13.4 million. Of course, there is still some way to go to realise the area’s true potential, since the new facilities are extremely busy in summer.

Agro-estates are in demand with foreigners, spurring the establishment of 70 such tourist spots on the banks of local lakes. One of the most popular is the Landowner’s Estate, which can accommodate 50, according to proprietor Gennady Boiko. He tells us that the building is more than 120 years old, having once belonged to the Pekutovsky family. During Soviet times, it was used as a collective-farm granary but was bought by Gennady ten years ago. Besides welcoming those seeking a bed for the night, the Boiko family have worked hard to set up a folk museum, full of fascinating artefacts. 

An even larger folk museum complex is set to open in the village of Nanosy by September. Meanwhile, visitors can take a relaxing walk around the local arboretum, covering 16 hectares, which appeared 11 years ago. It boasts five geo-botanical zones and about 400 species of plants (25 included in the Red Book). Several spas operate nearby, with an occupancy rate of at least 85 percent. The ‘Lakeside’ sanatorium accommodated about 11,800 tourists last year: about 6,500 from abroad. The cost is at least Br400,000 per night; it might seem pricey but guests say it’s worth it. Facilities include a mineral water pool, a pump-room with mineral water and a herbal tea room with herbal infusions. Besides stone-therapy, ozone-therapy and electro treatment, you can enjoy a Thai massage. Every convenience is thought of, including guests using electronic tags to order extras — such as drinks at the bar.

Most children associate Naroch with Zubrenok Camp, which hosts thousands of youngsters each summer — from Belarus, Russia and Latvia. Those from Japan are soon to take part too.
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