Peaceful observation without disturbing birds or animals

Ecological education point opens at Lebyazhy Reserve in Minsk

An ecological education point has appeared at the Republican Biological Reserve as part of a joint EU/UNDP joint project: Enhancing the Ecological Awareness of Young People by Creating and Developing Green Schools in Belarus.

According to Natalia Minchenko, the Head of the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection’s Department for Biological and Landscape Diversity, the site is unique in being situated within the borders of the city of Minsk. “This convenient location allows everyone access to a unique corner of nature, with adults and children able to observe wild animals from the comfort of shelters created to allow observation without disturbing the animals or birds,” she stresses.

Colourfully decorated information stands have been installed, helping visitors identify the species of bird, while wooden arbours enable people to sit and relax in one of Belarus’ most beautiful locations.

The first ecological education point opened as part of an EU/UNDP joint project in Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve’s estate (Lepel District’s Domzheritsy village in the Vitebsk Region). Here, for the first time in our country, nature interpretation has been applied (used in America and Western Europe for over a century). Foreign and Belarusian experts have helped set up the ecological centre and its information stands, aiming to teach visitors as much as possible about the reserve and the beauties of Belarus’ wild animals.

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