German business could participate in private enterprises establishing within the framework of Belarusian energy system
There are no agreements on the specific projects yet to speak about. But as the Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobaykov noticed, “in spite of our energy system is a powerful consolidated stated structure we are interested in the private energy sources that would be able to fit naturally into the single forceful energy system of our country.”

This idea, perhaps, seems very attractive for the businessmen from the German Federal Republic and the chief of representation of German economy in Belarus Vladimir Avgustinsky has announced that “Days of German economy in Belarus” is planned to hold next year dedicated exactly to energetics questions.

“Belarus and Ukraine are considered as the potential partners in developing a new global European energy preparedness”, — has underlined the famous German political analyst Alexandr Rar in that respect. — That is why, I believe, the dialogue between the European Union and Belarus will be held concerning many aspects in a new and more constructive way.”

It is obvious that the simplest way to provide the uninterrupted energy recourses supply from Russia to the EU is to accept financial and technological participation in perfection of energy systems of transit states.

Within the framework of the State complex program of energy system modernization during 2006–2010 years the projects with total cost more than 5.1 milliards US dollars are to be performed in Belarus. And it seems that Germany is ready to render some assistance in their development.
Only during the last year Belarusian enterprises have imported equipment for technical rearmament and modernization on the sum of 1 milliard US dollars from the German Federal Republic. And in the present year this index is expected to be even higher.

Besides, since 1992 year the native enterprises have received credits more than 550 millions EURO from Germany. There were 360 enterprises with participation of German capital established in the territory of Belarus.
Moreover, during two last years the trade turnover between Belarus and the German Federal Republic has increased in one and a half time and in 2006 year in Belarusian foreign trade turnover without the CIS countries Germany has taken the first place in the terms of import volume, trade turnover — the second place, and export — the forth place.

Ivan Tsihonov
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