Particular Case

Rector of the International Institute of Labor and Social Relations (MITSO) Valery TOLKACHEV speaks about prospects of for-fee education
We have our special niche in the market of education services and will never try to compete with other institutes and universities. We accept up to 190 people, and there are normally from twenty to thirty students with the same majors, unlike the inconvenient 300 in most universities. MITSO has branches in Gomel and Vitebsk. All professors personally know their students. Besides, we are the cheapest for-fee university of all, with a fee of $800 per year for full-time students and $550 for extra-mural students. We do not plan to increase our fees much.

The students that pursue science have a good chance to go to foreign scientific conferences at least once or twice a year. Anyone may have up to 10 scientific works published in the scientific and practical journal “Labor. Trade Unions. Society”, which is included in the list of editions of the Higher Certification Commission. This means all articles are taken into account when MITSO students defend doctoral theses or take examinations for the candidate degree. As for the equipment and facilities, all students use high-speed Internet and state-of-the-art computers. And with a library like ours anyone has great opportunities for self-perfecting.

— MITSO was established just over ten years ago, which is baby age for a university. Employers often prefer diplomas from older universities.

— Of course it is good if they are more than 300 years old. But I believe it would be archaic to divide universities into young and ancient. It all depends on its role in the system of higher education, its future and possibilities. To gain a status and authority you work for many years, and it takes a great effort to stand up to scrutiny. Our institute may be young and our students are few, but MITSO is flexible enough to react to slightest market demands. The professors are using the latest books and technologies. We have recently signed an agreement with the Italian Logistics Association based in Milan on theoretical exchange regarding fast delivery problems. In the foreign languages sector we cooperate with the King’s College London and plan to open a second language laboratory. As of now only the international economic relations department has two foreign languages on its curriculum, but next year we plan to introduce another foreign language at the international legal relations department. In future all of MITSO alumni will speak two foreign languages.

The educational process is based on three key elements: modern knowledge, computer literacy and foreign languages. Any specialist that has been taught on the basis of these three components will always find a job. MITSO is aimed at training trade union leaders. Starting the second year we will teach our students how to be leaders and unite people. For the past ten years our key goal has been to help a young person to use opportunities and knowledge and find the right way in his or her life.
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