Our Man in Berlin

The artist Alexander Rodin has been having his paintings regularly displayed in Berlin for over six years now. This year the culture elite of the city will be able to see about one hundred works of the Belarusian artist in the prestigious “Kunsthaus” gallery, where the best artists of the world have had their displays
This very exposition will require about 500 square meters of area, and “taking part” in the exhibition will be the maestro’s monumental philosophical canvases that take him a couple of years each, and his new works. Some of them were displayed earlier this year in the Minsk cafй “Good Thoughts”.

Alexander Rodin loves experimenting; he is the one that wishes to perceive the secrets of being and Space. “Who knows what kind of secrets the world has,” the artists shares his source of inspiration. “The galaxies that we cannot even count emit astral energy in all directions, and this energy comes through us physically, mentally and spiritually. I am trying to get inside these secrets and reveal them to the world, as well as their influence on the planet and man.”

Rodin does succeed: the space theme has impressed viewers in Germany, Russia, Italy, France, the Netherlands and many other countries of the world. The chimeric and surrealistic works of Alexander Rodin look a lot like the space landscapes created by the famous Belarusian artist of the 20th century Yazep Drozdovich.

Galiya Fatykhova, Valentina Cherkashina
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