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Orders and medals for those worthy

Alexander Lukashenko presents state awards to distinguished people of Belarus, with solemn ceremony taking place at Independence Palace
“Our country is facing extremely demanding tasks, as discussed at the Belarusian People’s Congress. Whether we reach our goals depends upon the attitude of each of us, and upon our hard work. In life, there are no sectors of secondary importance. National defence and security, economy, education, science, culture, sports, and social security are crucial for the well-being of our state,” noted the Head of State.

During the ceremony

Awards were presented to representatives of the Armed Forces, the Emergency Ministry, the Prosecutor’s Office, and law enforcement agencies. “By fulfilling their duty, they make a significant contribution to the provision of our country’s defence, protecting the legal interests of our state’s citizens and maintaining public order in society,” Mr. Lukashenko added.

The President reminded everyone that, this April, we marked the mournful 30th anniversary of the catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Our people have shown true heroism in the face of national trouble, and those who took an active part in battling the consequences of the accident, including returning affected territories to normality, have been awarded. The President addressed warm words to those employed in production, saying that they ‘create the solid foundation necessary to reinforce the economy’.

Determined and dedicated representatives of science and education were also awarded, with the President noting, “Due to their enthusiasm, our science and education occupies a firm, or leading, place globally, across a range of areas.”

Those awarded include artistes, writers and representatives of other creative professions, with the Head of State making special emphasis that the awards ceremony is happening in the Year of Culture.

A group of athletes were given honorary titles of honoured masters of sports, with the work of coaching staff also recognised.

It’s a pleasure to see people who have achieved remarkable professional results and who want our country to grow stronger and develop rapidly. I’m confident that everybody in this hall is a successful and accomplished person,” noted Mr. Lukashenko, addressing the participants of the ceremony.

By Vasily Kharitonov
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