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Olympic uniforms on sale

Sporting and parade uniform designed for Belarusian athletes participating in Rio Olympics on sale for first time
It took quite a long time to create the parade and civilian uniform, designed by young Belarusians Ivan Aiplatov and Yulia Latushkina. That by Ivan Aiplatov was created jointly with Bellegprom, and is being sold in shops. Specialists say that undervests, dresses, T-shirts and bomber jackets are the most popular items.

Olympic uniform goes on sale

Parade and civilian uniform by Yulia Latushkina is being worn at the Games opening and closing ceremonies, and will also be available to buyers. Ms. Latushkina is excited, telling us, “Parade outfits will be tailor-made, while jersey clothes can be bought at our show room.”

The complete set of Olympic attire manufactured by Lithuania’s Audimas won’t be on sale, only a select range thought suitable for the general public. Currently, Audimas is deciding on pricing.

By Tatiana Pastushenko
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