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Litesound band to represent Belarus at Eurovision-2012 Song Contest in Baku, after Presidential session judges EuroFest contest results to be rigged

The Belarusian President has announced, “Two things are most important to me: a) justice, b) Alena [singer Alena Lanskaya] who has undeservingly suffered. She was set up, although she has brought us victory at the Slavonic Bazaar — no easy task. Alena Lanskaya should receive official apologies as she has suffered most from this situation. She performed from her heart and did her best to win. Nevertheless, justice is justice. According to the criteria of the contest, Litesound should represent our country. Alternatively, we can cancel this contest and repeat it. However, I think this would be unwise in the current situation. They are young singers who have won and should represent our country. Make the arrangements.”
Mr. Lukashenko added, “It’s very sad that we have to settle such an issue at presidential level. The issue is not to be involved in the EuroFest contest or, even, Eurovision; the issue is justice.”

The Belarusian leader asserted, “We declared long ago that we’d take part in Eurovision. We’ve done well in Junior Eurovision contests and have seen results at adult contest. The issue here isn’t to win, although this is also very important. Rather, we are showing that Belarus is a civilised state at the centre of Europe, which takes part in such international forums.”

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