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Alexander Lukashenko urges an elaborate and systematic approach to solving problems at large machine building enterprises
Alexander Lukashenko urges an elaborate and systematic approach to solving problems at large machine building enterprises.

At Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant

The session, discussing topical issues of developing major machine building enterprises, discussed flexible measures which could be used to help companies respond to emerging threats and challenges. Mr. Lukashenko noted that the session continued conversation begun the day before, discussing ways of improving the Belarusian woodworking industry and focusing on the most pressing problems facing major industrial enterprises.

According to the President, last year, the Belarusian production sector was affected by complicated foreign economic conditions. Unfortunately, negative trends remain, reducing export volumes and production output, and negatively affecting the financial and economic state of enterprises.

“Issues of quality and prime cost, as well as effective management, manufacturing, and sales diversification are to the fore,” stressed the Head of State. “We’ve discussed this problem more than once and have determined what action the state can take. We should honestly and sincerely say what path we’re taking, and why.  As far as I understand, the Government has now worked out support measures.”

The President also demanded, “Every enterprise must plan flexible measures, to respond to emerging threats and challenges. We have agreed on this.”

He commented that, in 2013, he assigned top Government officials to oversee enterprises with sales problems. He noted, “In view of the results achieved, it’s obvious that the mechanism is weak in current conditions. Nevertheless, the director of an enterprise is primarily responsible for the state of affairs.”

Before hearing Government proposals regarding development of the production sector and ways to improve, the President asked the Industry Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister (responsible for this field) to present information on the real situation. Afterwards, the Prime Minister reported on Government measures to bring financial rehabilitation to troubled enterprises.

“I’m interested in dynamics and trends,” noted Mr. Lukashenko, adding that he wants to see a clear development plan and systemic approach to handling tasks.

The session discussed the state of Industry Ministry enterprises as a whole, and with focus on four in particular: MAZ, BelAz, Gomselmash, and MTZ. The efficiency of their foreign sales promotion came under scrutiny, with the Government proposing measures of state support, to enable enterprises to successfully complete their financial year.

Mr. Lukashenko supported these proposals but has asked that constant monitoring of efficiency be ensured, with reporting to the Presidential Administration and the State Security Committee.

By Vladimir Khromov
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